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January 24, 2013


This just in: Dave wrote a book.


North Jersey

Fort Worth 1

Fort Worth 2


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I can hardly wait to shoplift a copy

wow!!! whooknoooo

He should really go on tour to promote it. Maybe an established author, and winner of multiple Surprised Pullets, like Gene Weingarten, could give him a few pointers.

I haven't bought it yet but probably will. I'll wait for the price to come down. It has changed a bit since it's been advertised. I just wish he would do a book signing in Mich.

Theresa --
Naperville is right down the road from Michigan. Or a straight shot if Lake Michigan has enough ice.

[gives up on the one-handed typing and puts on the voice-rec mic. Errors ahoy!]

Well, Naperville is in fact only 73 point something miles from the nearest spot in Michigan, but it's only 47 miles straight north to the border of our dread foes, the cheese mongers and mitten imposters of Wisconsin. Those of us who wear the uniform of the one true mitten can't risk being that close to the demilitarized zone.

[Wow. That wasn't too bad. It even got "demilitarized" right. "Cheese mongers", too.]

Omni - TMI on the hand hand typing.

As that guy said in the movie ("that's not a knife, this is a knife"), that's not TMI, this is. Caution: if you're not clinical and/or have no interest in things orthopedic, you might want to consider not clicking.

Bring two bathing suits if you come to Phoenix.

Bring a bathing suit to Naperville as well. The local swimming beach is just around the corner from the bookstore.

Other than being -10F wind chill at a dark and closed former quarry, what could go wrong?

Omni - your Wolverine costume is taking shape nicely. But didn't his claws come out at his knuckles?

Cowtown loves Dave Barry with TWO strumpets. We win.

Is yew still coming to DC in Feb?

"sort of smart".
People do say the nicest things about you when you least expect it.

I pre-ordered it from Amazon at Thanksgiving. *taps fingers impatiently*

So did I, Guin. HURRY UP AMAZON!

Wish that you were coming to South Jersey or Philly!

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