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January 09, 2013


You don't want to know.


(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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Palatable? On what plant is poop, either real or synthetic, considered "palatable"?

And how would she know? "Wipe that 'poop-eating' grin off your face, lady!"

Um, wrong thread? Sorry! These are not the humor blogs you are looking for. You can go about your business. Have a nice day.

I dunno, that comment seems somewhat apropos here.

Good to see that fashion designers hate men as much as they hate women.

No worries, PB. That looks like a "fecal transplant" to me.

What's the problem? I'm in London right now and that's pretty much what I wear every day, though this morning I did also sport my alpine hat with fur horns. It was damn cold!

Are hallucinogens and/or pillories legal in Britain? Just asking.....

So not only do designers hate women they hate men too. I'd kind of like to have the pattern for the blue knit sweater and hat. I'm pretty sure I have enough yarn to whip that ensemble up for one of you blog guys.

Vulcan gone bad?

"Sir, I told you not to put on your life jacket until you left the plane."

Maybe you can make a set for Dave's birthday, cindy.

Justin Beiber just ordered one of everything.

Dave would probably love it Jeff! I also have plenty of blue yarn.

Ever since the Brit docs advocated for stab-proof knives as a solution to the UK's (4x higher than US) violent crime rate, and someone started selling them, I've doubted that there's more than 2-3 testicles left in England.

This confirms my suspicions.

Um, let's see. What appears to be a life jacket, then a sweater, then a shirt buttoned up to the neck, then a turtle-neck sweater, topped off with (?) ear muffs. Undershirt to be absolutely sure?
I've seen fewer layers in an onion.
Are we a tad warm, kid?

Is he wearing a schoolgirl outfit? Ed Wood would be thrilled.

Designed by the blind.

I saw one where all of the uh, models had cardboard all over their faces. One looked like a fence had been stapled to his face.

avant guard? Avant hilarious.

Oh Gawd they do have the one with the fence on the face!

De fence!!

This is what happens when you cross the Salvation Army store with a blender.

we've all seen Pret a Porter, haven't we? Ready to wear? Wonderful film about the French fashion biz. I think about it every time I see 1 of these.


I've seen fewer layers in an onion.

I think the fact that this tragic ensemble has what looks like 3 "popped collars", the designer qualifies for automatic douchebag status. The black skirt is just icing on the cake.

i think i pulled a muscle laffin at that.

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