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January 12, 2013


What could possibly go wrong?


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Strewth! You’d need to be an excellent shot to hit one of those notoriously fast moving pythons... And if you miss, they'd leap on you and constrict you before slowly digesting you over several days.

Incidentally, when does Florida's 'Shooting Rats In A Barrel' Challenge begin?

Do Siamese Pythons count? Two headed, carnival fugitives? What happens if a water moccasin gets in the way? I 'd go to the website but Dave has me laughing so hard anything more and it's milk-out-the-nose time.

Humane killing required? Siouxie's machete sharpening service is gonna be running day and night.

Reading further...
'The website lists the names of some companies that might want them, including a company called Dragon Backbone, which “will trade a knife for four python skins at least four feet long.”'

Ummmm, wouldn't you already have to have a knife?

This seems like a win-win to me. At the end there will be many happy hunters and plenty of dead giant invasive snakes.

Oh great--this article seems to be stuck behind a paywall. Are we out-of-staters really not going to be able to read Dave's columns anymore? (I definitely appreciate the places that let you have 10-20 free articles a month, which would have covered things here.)


I refer, of course, to Dave's column, not Florida, which is totally insane.

I predict hanging chads in the voting process.

This seems rather dangerous... I mean, all these snakes are bound to have kin in the legal profession.

It won't be long before the term Burmese Python is considered politically incorrect,the acceptable moniker will be Mynamar Munchkin. The snakes will once again be sold in pet shops and will be in great demand as the must have pet of the decade. Imagine the pride of ownership when you show up at the local PetsMart for some snake grooming and to buy livestock as food for the not so little darling.

Need a special grand prize if you catch one alive and send to Washington.

Only if it comes as a Python-Gram, EyeGore.

What does the python who squeezes the most and fattest politicians get? Ticket back to Burma?

I gave up C for Python, as it is much less prone to my stupid errors.

Oh, you meant snakes?

Never heard of a language called "snakes" before. But I bet I could write a parser for it in Python!

Dave, I am not a dues paying member of the Miami Herald so I cannot look at your snake. Let me reword that...

Huh. Worked for me, and I'm not a subscriber.

As for the pythons, they are hideous and dangerous. The more we kill, the better.

What HAMS said. iSad.

More commentary.

Two pair of shoes and a handbag! COOL!

OK, something's been bothering me.
But I got a cream for it and I'm much better.
Another thing's been bothering me. What happens if you plug a python on Feb. 11?
Do the authorities say, "Good boy!" and throw you a biscuit? Or do they arrest you for killing an invasive pest out of season?
I'm betting it's the latter, because if invasive pests are protected, they get the next Presidential candidates to come back again.

I have the same problem with the pay wall thing on my computer but not on my iPad. So, when there is a column on the Miami Herald website I have to read it on the iPad. Great article though !

FWIW, when this paywall thing happens to me, it's with FireFox on Win 7. I have an instance of Chrome set up exclusively for this situation, with ALL permissions to write anything locally shut down, and I use that until the problem goes away or Judi fixes it.

I never see it happen on Android devices.

I blew out all the cookies in FF and the paywall stuff disappeared.

So "Make sure your technique results in immediate loss of consciousness" -- is that for the hunter or for the snake?

I'm betting people in Florida will start breeding Burmese pythons and killing them themselves just to get the "most pythons killed" bounty. Happened in colonial British India in the 1890s evidently: Article from NYTimes Archives.

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