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January 03, 2013


This Robot Vomits So You Won't Have To

(Thanks to vortmax, Loudmouth, Allen at Division, Bill Moore, DaninTustin and Bill Hudgins)


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Apparently, half the blog members find these articles so I don't have to! Half the male blog members anyway. Surprisingly so as there was no mention of female nakedness in the article...

We should all stand behind ( and definitely not in front of ) these important scientific efforts.

When the headline I saw said "Vomiting Robot Fights Norovirus", I was pretty sure I had seen the movie. I think it came out after "Godzilla" but before "Mothra".

And, of course, "Vomiting Robot" WBAGNFARB...

It reminds me of the night we invented the Norman Sunrise -- Half Mad Dog 20/20 and half Coors. No way Larry could have matched the distance or technicolor. Still hurts thinking about that after 40 years.

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