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January 03, 2013


School suspends first-grader for pointing finger, saying ‘Pow’

(Thanks to The Perts)


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When I was a kid, we used to play "war" at lunch time. These days, I guess that would prompt the government to invade Somalia,Iraq, or Afghanistan, or...


What would have happened if he tried "pull my finger"?

Makes sense to me, what if one his pretend bullets had hit another kid's imaginary friend? The school would have to call in fake cops and do grief counseling and it would be a real mess.

Quick! Let's bulldoze all the trees from the playground, because kids often use sticks as pretend rifles. Or at least my squadron did when I was 6.
Except for Kowalski. He got hit by a lemon grenade, and suffered something seedy...

To quote Churchill: This is the type of nonsense up with which I shall not put.

I suppose you're not allowed to make fart noises with your hands anymore either.

They'd prolly also remove tge letters "F"', "T", and "E" frum the alphabet, should kids use them inappropriately (such as in that particular order) ... merely sayin' ...

(Psst PB, I don't want to be "pedantic", but check your quote.)

Hope to God pogo that you're not a pedantifile.

If all teachers were armed, they could have shot the kid at the first sign of trouble. Wait...

Zero Intelligence Policy.

(Psst, Pogo. This is the humor blog. The fact-Check blog is over here )

Whoa, Max, my youngest's imaginary friends were Coffin, Vapor, and Tissue.
I always wondered what had happened to them.

Just think of the chaos if he'd used his middle finger and said ... never mind.

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