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January 17, 2013


Burglar who cooked pie in underwear avoids jail

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)

How the pie got into the underwear, we'll never know.


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Two kinds of crust!

Calling Mr. Language Person!

Fruit of the loom pie.

while wearing underwear, mr language person. that's different from baking pie IN underwear....

There's an epidemic.

You had the TV dinner industry's attention there for a minute until they figured out what " in his underwear " actually meant.

That's some hot pockets there.

Let them/we/us/me eat cake. Please.

What TV program was he watching?

shirley he was humbled...

*snorks* @ all you crazies!

Was it a pecan pie? 'Cause I heard there were nuts involved, somehow.

How was he using the remote control? To pleasure himself? To play a drum solo? Or was he so cracked out he was trying to make a phone call on it?

Ouch. I would never cook under there.

Thank you Jan. Very nice underwear.

Groucho Marx, call your office.

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