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January 24, 2013


Police in Ohio said a woman previously arrested for breaking into homes to clean them was arrested while shoveling strangers' driveways.

(Thanks to Ralph


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I guess my 19-year-old son is perfectly safe. He just noticed that there is a new lawn mower in the garage that has been there for a year.

It's my turn to shovel my neighbor's driveway, so I'm pretty happy about the lack of snow this year.

trending now:

'Cleaning Fairy busted while shoveling'

& German soldiers busted while carrying guns

If she wants to change occupations, I suggest she move further north.

She's got a clean record

Thank you, ligirl! That was today's snork.

I'm going to I have to teach Dragon the word snork however; it insists on typing dark or Snark. And it capitalizes Snark?

Hey! Release her in my neighborhood!

Tidy Tinkerbell.

Obviously a woman called the cops. No man would have (at least not until she reached the end of the drive).

We should make a roster and/or give her a pager. First dibs after the plow's gone by.

Sentence her to 200 hours of community service. Oh, wait...

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