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January 20, 2013


There's not much internet here. Plenty of porgy, however. (Whatever that means.)



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looks like the livin' is easy

*gives dave my bess*

Watch out for that puddin' and pie...

So tell us Dave, is it really better in the Bahamas?

Beautiful photo, i love it!

I always thought it was Porgy Point and Bess Bay, but that might just be the way my mind works.

Dave's frollicking in the warm surf in Bimini and I'm sitting here freezing in N.C. Not fair! It is a nice photo though.

I still want to see a picture of one of those Dock Sharks they have down there.

Should have gotten a case of duty-free internet at the airport. Pricey, but what can you do?

"... The WildQuest Retreat Lodge is situated in the friendly little fishing village of Porgy Bay...."

So....Dave's on a wild quest? And isn't Bimini in the Bermuda Triangle?

Somehow.....it just fits......

Nice blue shirt.

Pierogi Bay is near the Bass.

I don't know about frollicking in the warm surf, NC -- Dave looks kinda cold to me.

Porgy Pig is in the Bahamas?

Hate to sound like a whiney-head, but we've got a wind-chill of -14c here at the moment, and one is not a happy camper.

If you go Southeast of Porgy Bay to a point just east of Andros Island and due South of Nassau, you find a spot in the middle of the water that Google Earth has labeled "tongue of the ocean".

Somehow this seems important.

Write a few notes applying your best interpretation of graffiti skill on the blue house. Why? Just because the blue is so well, 'Porgyish'.

(The Android Sisters:)

Porgy Tirebiter!
He's a spy and a girl delighter,
Orgie Firefighter!

He's just a student like you.

If you're looking for a Captain of the Ringball Team,
You can bet he won't be there.

You'll find him pa-popping off at Pop's Sodium Shoppe,
Tr-trailing a red,(tweet,tweet!) with red hair.

Doobie doo-wah...

Porgy Tirebiter!
Just a student like you!

PORGY: "Like me?!"

Just a student like you!

Father: "Stop singing and finish your homework !"

Just a student like you! ooooooooooo..."

"Egad! Coming, Mother!"

"You two! Knock that off!"
"It's okay, we're engaged!"
"Well, DISengage and get out of my broom closet!"

Dave must be a little chilly with his long sleeve shirt on. He wouldn't survive with our weather.

Since nothing new has been posted, I have begun to obsess over this picture. I find it puzzling for a number of reasons. There is a large concrete box in front of the sign with a metal pole coming out of it. What is that? Is it there to protect the sign from Florida drivers? Are those Christmas decorations coming out of the sign? Both the sign, Concrete box and Dave are all leaning off vertical, but the houses in the background don't appear to be. Which of these is truly erect?

Dave will, of course, be spending some time drinking enjoying the hospitality of The Compleat Angler where Papa pictures adorn the walls.

Looks like Dave let Judi take care of booking the ultra-plush seaside resort again.

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