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January 03, 2013


Two Placer County teenage girls were arrested for allegedly using drugged milkshakes to knock out the parents of one of the girls so they could log on to the Internet, Rocklin police said.

(Thanks to DaininTustin)


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Let 'em go. They were trying to get to Dave's blog

Gateway to smoothies. Tragic.

OK, I realize that I'm probably in the minority on this one. I actively encourage my kids to use alternate means for internet access.

At one soccer practice at a school gym, one of the parents was a teacher at another school in the district. She wanted to go online for a legit purpose. I called over one of the 11-year-old kids and he promptly got into the system.

My daughter's first hack was at the church's network. It was a proud moment.

Slipping a Mickey to your Mom seems really unnecessary.

Can you imagine the trouble they'd be in if they had pointed their fingers at the internet?

there's a frappe for that

If we'd thought of that in the fifties, we could have watched " Dragnet " .

Guessin' that the milkshakes were a bit more than "plain vanilla" ...

Eddie Haskell tried this on Ward and June then initally blamed Wally. He later came clean when Ward questioned his ethics and threatened to get him removed as the equiptment manager for Wally's high school basketball team.

Key Quote from the article:

But drugging your parents "would not be a healthy level of rebellion."

We had milkshakes like that in the 60s. They lasted until the 70s and came with unicorns.

Where do kids learn such things?

The internet.

Ha! Well, I guess the parents are fortunate all they got was a hangover. Prescription sleep meds can come with a whole slew of side effects, like parasomnia, vomiting, etc. not to mention the risk of overdose. They're 15, not children. They should know better.

I admit to having eaten some interestingly seasoned chili once or twice. But I did that to myself, so no charges were filed.

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