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January 23, 2013


My Boyfriend Proposed By Putting The Ring In The Toilet

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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They have products to remove that.

Ugh. I knew I was in for a fascinating account when she paraphrased Beyonce in the lead paragraph.

I feel dumber now.

It was a good movement

didn't manti te'o do this for his girlfri...., oh, that's right - it's his CAREER that's down the toilet

When most guys propose they throw their life down the toilet.

Ref: Mr. Language Person: Some words of wisdomality:
I believe these two guys could be charged with 'failure to contain their load.'

Bet she was flushed with pride.

A couple of questions: Could this be considered "sh!ttin' a rock" (instead of "a brick"?)

and ...

Where is Abdeerden, in Scotland? (Mebbe she wuz so choked up with emotion, she had trouble spelling?)

You mean Aberdeen?

Great post. I love her dry sense of humor.

Their kids will love that story. Up until age nine or ten, then the kids will be too mature.

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