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January 07, 2013


A cat trained by prisoners to deliver cell phones and tools to dig tunnels was caught at a jail in northeastern Brazil after sneaking in with forbidden items strapped to its body.

(Thanks to Chris Elzi, Bill Hudgins, David Emery, Mark Buckley, Janice Gelb, Horace LaBadie and James in NC)


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Of course they couldn't use a dog because it would have eaten the saw blades and licked the guards.

Training a cat?
I thought that was one of life's impossibles, like training a door-to-door missionary to mind his own business.

This can be done, but first you have to smuggle 200 cans of tuna fish into the prison.

I'm sure the cat was just toying with the prisoners, they like to do that.

Couldn't they just shoot it in...with a CATAPULT !

The jackhammer must have tipped the guards off.

So the inmates responsible were the Katzenhammer Kids?

See, cats are eeevil.

There's a 9 strikes law for criminal cats.

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