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January 12, 2013


People wearing little more than their underwear are expected to ride the NYC subway system on Sunday.

(Thanks to Dan inTustin)


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It's good Bloomberg hasn't outlawed bloomers...yet.

Lucky for them it is supposed to be 60 tomorrow, about 20 degrees warmer than normal.

It's supposed to get down to 7 here (SoCal high desert) tonight, about 20 degrees below normal. The NE can have some of their cold back now.

Jeff, I hope you wear your good boxers this year.

Let's see [makes balancing motions with left and right hands] ... Florida Snake Hunt, pantless on the subway ... hmmm ... can't decide.

Maybe I'll go Beckham, cindy.

What do you think?

The frat boys sponsoring this get the last laugh.

Nice crotch shots guys. News is tough.

Camel toe & package show.

Seeing that headline, all I could think of was a lot of the bums vagrants homeless guys down there and wonder what makes today any different.

It's to be observed, so to speak, in a number of places.
Can we get live coverage of Riyadh?

Sorry, ain't going downtown today. I'll gladly comment in my skivvys from here if you like.

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