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January 10, 2013


Snake on a Plane


 (Thanks to wiredog)


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If I had seen the snake they would have needed to do this to shut me up.

The captain has now turned off the No Panicking sign.

Personally, I would rather sit with a snake than Samuel Jackson. Just sayin'

Now that's a cheap seat.

♪ "The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind ..."

Paging William Shatner and/or John Lithgow...

pining for the fjords

Poor snake.
Have some empathy, people. He can't help being a snake. A snake with poor decision-making skills, but still...

Steve, I think he saw them flyin' snakes on National Geographic and got inspired. There's a children's book in here somewhere.

So Steve, you're saying it's society's fault?

Send Harry Potter up on a broom to talk him/her down.

Snakes on the OUTSIDE of a plane are WAY better than snakes on the INSIDE of a plane.

Yeah, Omni, in a way, it is.
I started losing my fear of snakes and spiders the day the question flashed into my mind: Why would this thing want to bite me?
We learn fear at our parents' feet. When you look at things from an animal's point of view, attacking a human does not look like a winning survival skill.
Not being noticed at all is a much better option if you want to be around tomorrow.

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