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January 09, 2013


Norfolk 911 calls for 'baby lion' turn up a coiffed dog

(Thanks to Matt Robare and Loudmouth, who says, "They will kill us one night.")


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Coiffed Dog opened for Bad Pizza too.

"But really, Painter said, Charles the Monarch loves people, children ...."

Plain or with gravy. Either way.

Thank God this didn't happen in France.

Are you thinking of Lyon, Ms. F.?

No, I always tell the truth, MtB.


Actually, I thought it was a cool looking way to clip a dog. At least he wasn't dressed up in some froufrou costume. I mean, would you rather walk a lion or some little rat dressed as a clown?

Ms Flukey and Meanie,

France was ready to surrender since the dog was 1/2 poodle.

If I dressed my pups in cute clothes or coiffed them in a funny manner, they would attack me in my sleep.

Yeah, but if he's a labradoodle clipped like a lion, does that make him a labrion? Or a Librador?

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