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January 13, 2013


Trust Me, You Do Not Want to See This Video of a Giant Parasitic Worm Slithering Out of a Dead Spider’s Stomach

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I decided that no, I do not want to see it, even if if does have manilow's face on it.

Trust is a valuable commodity ... I trust whomever said I do NOT wanna see this ... I trust 'em a LOT ...

The picture was enough for me, thank you.

You're right.

Nope, not going there. I'm still on a good buzz from a porcupine-eating-corn video, and I don't want to spoil it.

That "insightful commenter" is a troll. Flies do not cause roundworm infections in that fashion.

Am I the only one around here.... who thought that was COOL?! Ok, yeah, super creepy too, I'll give ya that.

When Dave says "You do not want to see this" I always listen.

If the spider was the U.S. Taxpayer and the giant parasitic worm was the House/Senate/lobbyists, this would be very accurate indeed.

Absolutely kee-RECT, sir. I do NOT want to see it.

Thanks for the link, Omni. That was a ::ahem:: palate cleanser.

La la la *I can't hear you* *hides in closet.*

I was just going to chide Dave for putting up these educational videos, Hogs. Shame, teaching politicians new parasitic tricks. Next thing Alan Grayson will be...oops, too late.

536,000 + people have now viewed my nightmare.

As one of the commenters there noted, we are being far too casual about the size of that spider.

In comparison with that quarter-round baseboard, I'd say that wasn't a terribly big spider. And certainly not dangerous.
I've handled spiders many times that size with no harm on either side.
If you want to see something interesting, watch those blue-black wasps that seem "nervous", always adjusting their wings in quick bursts.
Many of them are Pepsis wasps that prey on spiders. They fight and sting the spider into paralysis, then lay a single egg after burying the spider...
I've not found any area in America that doesn't have some of these, so look around.
Or not.

Did I ever tell you guys 'bout the first time I saw someone vomit a round worm? Remind me some time.

If I happen to reincarnate as a spider, this is NOT the way I want to go.

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