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January 07, 2013


Lightning blows breasts off NT's iconic Venus de Milo statue


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Apparently: lightning 1, breasts 0. Your move, breasts.

For a second there I thought those were Pamela Anderson's.

Nah, A-Bill, no visible scars from bad cosmetic surgery.

Also no obvious tattoos.

Maybe he can get a little help with the restoration.

Them are some serious boulders.

Poor VENUS de Milo cannot get a break...first both ARMS (long ago) the the lightning knocks off her "knockers"!

I want to know what was being said just before the lightning hit. I want to avoid the topic -- unless Someone decided to be an art critic.

But the thunder thighs were left intact.....


Considering what this "Venus" looked like before, Someone was definitely being an art critic.

a striking resemblance to the original

"That lightning was so close I thought it'd blow my t!ts off! Are you ok, Venus? Venus?"

Once mostly armless; now totally titless.

"Lightning's striking again, again, again, …"


"There not up there anymore, Henry."

Would the real Venus de Milo be as famous if it had arms. I get that it is an old statue, but there are much better examples of Greek statues. What's so great about her.

And no one even thought to give her a pink balloon to go with the mastectomy! What is the world coming to?

God doesn't like boobs?

Spiny...my conclusion eggZACKly.

And lo, a Mighty Voice was heard, saying, "I don't know much about Art, but I know what I like!"

And the skies did answer "KKKKRACCCCCCKKKICKKKK"!

Cleavage of the cleavage?

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