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January 13, 2013


Dressed up dead possum turning heads

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Not to mention noses...

I saw Dead Possum open for The Cowsills.

Really? I thought it was Dung Cobra.

NZ rednecks have fun with roadkill. Makes good eatin', too.

That's about as sick as people tying Get Well Soon helium balloons to roadkill. (And no, I won't include links. Too disgusting.)

The weirdest thing about NZ during my trip there was that they value possum fur--make expensive fashion items out of it. Granny Clampett would be proud...

The possum found in New Zealand and Australia is completely different from the North American opossum. The possum has better fur than the opossum, and is cute, rather than ugly and disgusting.

The Brush-tailed Possum is native to Australia, but it's a serious alien pest in NZ. It's actually more closely related to kangaroos than our Opossum. It does have its uses, however.

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