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January 11, 2013


Courteney Cox takes a weekly pee outside on her balcony

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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This is more than I ever wanted to know about Courtney Cox.

Makes perfect sense. *eyes roll far back into head*

And if they won't eat their Alpo, she does... what ?

News you can use? I'm with cindy on this one.

I'm not gonna bother reading this one. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT will probably have a more informative segment on it.

I blame Chandler.

Eh, I pee off my deck when I let the dogs out at night. Why is it that I don't have to go until I let them out, when I'm supposed to be watching them?

Do what the rest of us do and let 'em out into the back yard. If you don't have a back yard then get one. Or get a dog that doesn't need a yard. And get a life.

This woman's an actress, eh? Well, maybe she can start acting civilized, then?

...'can I tell you how rewarding it is to pee outside on grass?"

*inhales thoughtfully*.......i'd be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too paranoid

Actually, that's pretty smar...who am I kidding, actors are some of the dumbest people on Earth.

How good is her aim? Can she even see the target?
Do the dogs ever try to pee on her laundry basket?
Do stars do their own laundry?
These are the things that real perverts want to know.

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