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January 24, 2013


Cricket fans set beer snake record at Australia-Sri Lanka SCG washout

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A little known fact is that I'm psychic. I could hear the thoughts of that crowd.
Much of it went along the lines of, "Gotta pee! Gottapeegottapeegottapee, GOTTA PEE! Thank god my pants are wet already! Gotta pee."
Or did that Doc say, "Psycho"?

"Copped a flogging"?...

Snake fans set beer cricket record- now THAT would be a news story


WRT,"Copped a flogging", beats me. (Pun only intended after the fact.) I thought I was relatively fluent in Commonwealth-speak, but this is a new one on me. Perhaps "drew criticism"?

So that's where Waldo is.

You could actually build the world's largest skyscraper, find a cure for cancer and solve problems in the Middle East during all the down time in a cricket match. Because there is a LOT of down time. Cricket is like baseball on quaaludes.

A spokesman for Cricket New South Wales said that while beer snakes – made by joining plastic cups together – were normally discouraged for safety reasons and to avoid annoying other spectators...

I might be annoyed if the thing dripped stale beer on me, but it's not nearly as a annoying as the bleacher beach balls at Dodger Stadium. A "tradition" that began in the 1970s during the "7th inning stretch" is now constant, whenever the pace of the game is not to everyone's taste, shall we say, and they inevitably end up on the field. It has also spread to Anaheim and San Diego, and maybe others, but those are the only ones I've been to.

Empty cups? Thought it might be an elongated version of this.

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