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January 11, 2013


Can men's underpants indicate economic health?

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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So those green skidmarks aren't necessarily grass stains?

Okay Blog Guys. Let's see some pictures.

Yes, and right now it's in a steep skid.

cindy, you first.

In the absence of the blog guys complying cindy, this should do the trick.

Here ya go Cindy.

*SMACKS* wiredog.

I don't cotton to that theory.

Is this the distaff side of the old ladies hemline economic indicator? At least that one was "readily apparent to even the most casual observer" or at the male ones.

Nice pictures posted by Jan

As the article notes, the guy I've never heard of in Jan's picture resorted to padding. None of us blog guys would EVER do that or for that matter find it necessary. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Think: Spinal Tap, airport metal detector, automotive shock absorber ...

I don't know about the underpants being an indicator, but if you go by the contents, I'd say things are looking up.

Obviously, Jan, someone told him to stick a sock in it.

Wrapping up the octogenarian's annual physical check-up, the Doc said, "Well, you seem to be fit as a fiddle, but we'll run some lab tests just to be sure. We'll need a stool and urine specimen and a sperm sample."

The old man turned to his wife and bellowed, "Eh? What'd he say?!"

She yelled into his good ear, "You need to leave them your drawers, Paw!"

Jeez, WOLBD, talk about yer Gross Domestic Product!

does this have anything to do with dong flowing into socks?

Mine are just religious.

After the holidays, it appears the economy has lost some of its elasticity.

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