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January 17, 2013


Man shot in the butt in Kansas City bar fight that erupted after partying pregnant woman’s water broke

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Couldn't they just get the bartender to bring her another water?

As a formerly pregnant person let me say that dancing was the last thing I felt like doing in the last trimester. Actually it was the next to the last thing I felt like doing.

Who goes partying at a bar when she is about to give birth?

I feel sorry for the kid.

"A pregnant woman’s water broke while she was dancing in a Missouri bar, leading to a shootout."

There's an opening sentence you don't often see in a news item.

Boogie on reggae woman
What is wrong with you?
Boogie on reggae woman
What you tryin' to do?


Ah, a literar(ily) named shot in the dark.

NC , Next to the last, as in killing your husband was the first. Me too.

What was this woman doing in a bar so far along anyway?

She should have "danced all night" BEFORE. Maybe she wouldn't have been in the condition. If you catch my drift.

With reference to the mug shot: what on earth is that thing on his head?

Didn't WWI start like this ?

♫ Shot through the butt,
and you're to blame.
You give pregnancy
a bad name ♫

Just like this, LeDud, except I don't remember Gavrilo Princip having nice dreadlocks like that.

The OctoMom and the OctoPuss.

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