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January 11, 2013


How a Bomb Disposal Expert Is Building a Better Vibrator

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Key disturbing quote:
"We have our own captive experts for testing," Bechthold said, creating mental images that he probably didn't intend.

Sorry, wrong kind of buzz!

Motion detector?

we're trying to bring in as much technology as we can without losing that human intimacy.

Yea ... vibrators are about human intimacy.

That help?

Juuuuuuuuddiiiiiiii! wiredog broke the blog. As for this. No. Just no.

This place would be a LOT more fun to work at than Toyota.

I did? Damn iThingy. Probably autocorrect end my tags.

My end tags.

I'm glad they're trying to retain the intimacy piece.

*Mutters words of Evil and Potent magic in the general direction of Cupertino.*

I'm confused. Not that there's unusual about that. Just sayin'. How many sleeps 'til Dave's new book comes out?

Jan, Dave's book comes out January 29th. I can't wait.

^... anything ... (Been a long day.). Me too cindy.

Dave wrote a book, really? Working title: "Dave Barry Turns a Page"?

Best bang for your buck.

Thar she BLOWS!


Speaking as a man, I have no problem with this.
Does the entree object to the appetizer?

I am reminded of the time when I discovered the secret meaning of BOB, courtesy of one of the posters on Dave's Blog (back in the olden days before Facebook took all my time). Good times....

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