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January 21, 2013


The trend you didn't know you were longing for 


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Mascara is gonna cost ya....


1. boobs are good
2. the eyelashes are what, torture? some kinda commentary on some injustice i suppose?
4. so what the sam hill is going on with the lipstick?

no, i didn't read the story, why?

ugh. just ugh. and stupid. no need to read the story.

Up here, we don't call it a mantilla, we call it mosquito netting. Comes in right handy, or it will when the snow melts.(You have to scroll down a bit to find the picture.)

Cousin Itt called - he wants his hair back.

If nobody wants this cheap shot, I'll take it:

Now you know why the menswear.

What a load of twoddle.

Maybe if she flipped the eyelashes up over her head?

I just don't "get" the fashion world.
And, I view that as a point of pride.

Who's the wiseguy that put rogaine in my mascara?

If she sneezes, Lord only knows what will happen to her eyeballs.

How does she blink? Does this work if you wear glasses?

I'm sticking with my unibrow.

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Might these be the hair eyeball's that Arlo Guthrie sang about all those years ago?

"What were you arrested for, kid?" And I said, "Littering." And they all moved away from me on the bench there, and the hairy eyeball and all kinds of mean nasty things, till I said, "And creating a nuisance." And they all came back, shook my hand, and we had a great time on the bench ...

- Alice's Restaurant Massacree

" Long as I can grow it, my hair. "

"Here, there, everywhere, my hair."

she doesn't dare open her mouth, or she'll get a tongue-lashing

Paul Mitchell's nightmares.

Makes my eyes water to look at her - and not in a good way.

I think Marc won the thread. ^_^

Maybe the judge in that song retired and started a second career as a makeup artist?

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