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January 15, 2013


Calamari is on one side of the plate, sliced hog rectums are on the other. Which is which?

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Correctamundo ... it doesn't matter ...

HOWever, if y'all think that's bad, y'all should see ... um ... dang ... where'd I put that link ...

Suckers and puckers.

Calamari? I hardly know Amari....

I am disgusted by the thought of eating hog rectums. EWWWW. Gotta go now and pick up a McRib while they're still on sale. YUMMM!

um. yuck. that is all.

I'll just have a glass of tea.

Calamari to right of them,
Hog rectums to left of them,
Microphones in front of them
Dithered and blathered;
Silly old Ira Glass,
Reporting on porcine ass,
Running out of topics?
Has NPR blundered?
Getting "You're no Dan Rather-ed."

Offer the plate to a certain Palme D'or winning documentary director. Whichever ones are left are not the hog rectums.

"Beware of strong drink; it will lead you to eat calamari." Truly words to live by.
Oh, and Bravo!, Omni.

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