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January 12, 2013


Sadly, no.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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SUN is not in part of her vocabulary.

I'd like to buy a bowel, Pat.


I thought it was, "Because you're fine I'm off the wine." But I'm not a big Johnny Cash fan.

I have the wine was on the flip side of "Don't take you i-pod to town son"

Instant classic.


um, the H was already up there!

Speaking of "H" and of Johnny Cash, I heard that the makers of Preparation H tried to buy the rights to Burning Ring of Fire.

A friend said his favorite Wheel answer was:


The contestant said "Bar Correspondent."

You all need to know that was NOT me. I learned English good.

People is stupid.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader lists the ultimate Wheel of Fortune goof:


Contestant's answer: "Tom Hanks as Morris Gump"

"Fill in the blank" works much better if you aren't one.

I once saw a contestant guess "Your moose is cooked"

She may be dumber than Vanna!

Ha HA HA I posted on one of these blogs that earlier Wheel Watchers Club members who signed up at the begining of the Wheel Watchers Club were given a five digit ID number like "AB12345" and later members were given a seven digit number like "AB1234567". I noticed that for years only seven digit Wheel Watchers Club numbers were drawn at the end of the show each night. So this led me to believe that the first 100,000 people long time viewers who signed up had no chance 00.000% chance of winning anything. So I made this comment on one of these blogs and low and behold the very next night they called a Wheel Watchers club five digit winning number. Geeeeeee what a coincidence! I was going to write a letter to the California Gaming Commision but I think I will wait for a while to see how many five digit numbers they call for the Wheel Watchers Club at the end of the show for a while.

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