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January 16, 2013


Here's the beginning. It goes on sale January 29 in exchange for money.


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Excellent read, so far. Can't wait to buy it. I'll be flying back from Honolulu on the 30th so you're just in time for my in-flight entertainment.

I will be sure to check it out at the library buy it as soon as I can.

cool! when can i buy one?

You will have arranged for the Treasury Secretary to print vast amounts of monies so we can afford to buy the book and keep you in Cheez-Its and beer? Why else would we have a Treasury Secretary?

Waiting for the book tour to hit Naperville.

Will anyone else be dressing as Elvis?

If Amazon lives up to their promises, mine is should be winging it way here. I plan to bring it to your genuine Chicago-situated Chicago appearance so that you can inscribe it with wit and wisdom. And hopefully your name.

Will there be a caption contest (hint, hint!) around the release of this? After all, Dave's first book deserves such a treat! *

*= I know, I know, but how many "Dave should write a book!" comments have we all seen/made?

"Insane City". I wonder which city he could be talking about? *Pondering*

Sounds good. Can I get this one signed?
My own "bachelor party" consisted of my friend and usher downing half the beer in Cincinnati while I had a nervous breakdown, hysterical giggles, and I kept thinking "I could head South. They'd never catch me."
That was forty years ago. They'd have never caught me.

Since part of it is set here in DC (which, I assume, is the Insane City of the title) will there be a local appearance where I can buy a signed copy?

What about one signed by the author?

Betsy --
Look for the wackos standing in the back. We're pretty easy to spot.

Dave: At least pretend to be a capitalist buy having a link to reserve the book somewhere in the free sample.

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