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January 16, 2013


A woman in the Ural Mountains village of Beryozovo called police at 3 a.m. Friday saying a tank had been driven into her yard.


A Florida license is on the way.

(Thanks to Frank Smith)


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That's a BMP, not a tank.

All that snow, really needs 4WD. Dat's some good vodka.

My homeowner association won't let me park a retired tracked military vehicle on the street. I offered to park it on one of the board member's lawn, but it didn't help.

Wasn't it posted as a 'Tank/BMP free zone'?

incredibly, yes - the driver was tanked

Well, he already has a Georgia license.

This guy is probably one of those, "I'll fight anyone in here!" guys at the bar.

That's the night the tanks went out in Georgia.

Send him to ... oh, never mind.

Georgia out of his mind.

Um, an "all-terrain vehicle" with sloped armor? Where can I get one?

Tanks-giving came early this year.

Omni, they may have what you're looking for here.

"Yes, of course I can get you an end-user certificate, Mon Ami ..."

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