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January 02, 2013


Jersey City husband asks why family car is on top of other car

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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1. Why was a 79 year old man driving a construction truck?
2. He was making a "K" turn? K for kill?
3. there is no #3

Technically, that qualifies as parallel parking, right?

"the gears slipped" -- That is such a GREAT excuse for SO many screwups. I can't WAIT to use it! Anyone want to go for a drive? How about a factory tour? Bike ride?

Pontiac tops Honda-- affirming the GM bailout!

Considerate Husband: "Dear, I'm sure you had a good reason....but why did you park on top of another car ?"

I had a GREAT comment, but I lost it when the Blog gears slipped.

Making a K-turn in a construction vehicle already sounds like a dumb idea. The "gears slipping" is also a very lame excuse.

Mrs F! You've got it! I believe you've got it!

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