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January 16, 2013


Bad Lip-Reading takes on the NFL.

(Via Deadspin)


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I once saw a coach say something like "Would you tackle that mother trucker" and I realized that the NFL was a lot more diverse than I thought.

Years ago (way intop the last century) I was watching the Detroit/Raiders Thanksgiving Day game. NBC (I think) was using a brand new invention - the sideling sound mike (I said was years ago).

A call went against the Raiders. There were 3 Raiders discussing what they felt was a bad call. The sound guy thought it was a good idea to try and pick up their discussion.

So the nation wide audience got to share 'C&&$#^%&$^ Mother&*^(*&^(& Ref'

Was the last time the sideline sound pickup was used for a long time...

High def broadcasts make lip reading much easier.
My man Bill Belichick is quite eloquent

If that had been Andy Reid saying, "I want cake now," I would have believed that's what he actually said.

There has to be some excellent Tim Tebow lip reading potential out there.

Loved the Jim Harbaugh bit. With him having played for Michigan, the Bears, and now coaching SF, Cheeseheads are very familiar with his whining style. I only wish he'd been playing QB for the FortyWhiners last Saturday...

And yes, as it happens I AM bitter.

"I want to kick now!"


I interrupt this thread to say
"BRAVO!, Mr. President!"

That is all.

Call me a liberal weenie, or call me a hypocrite for usually advocating that this blog stay clear of divisive political commentary, or both, but: Bravo!, Mr. President! and Bravo!, Punkin.

I will avoid your political antics by specifically not suggesting that Mr. Wayne LaPierre bite me, nor will I further ask that he bite me hard.

Sorry, but the president is making a bad call. 20 yard penalty, repeat the down.

More people die of wounds from knives and bats than they do from gunfire. Where are the calls to ban those weapons?

Long may the 2nd amendment live!

(And yes, the NRA is right on this one)

/end rant

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