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January 14, 2013


England cricketers stunned after snake appears in hotel swimming pool


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Snakes, the new squirrels.

Barbecue tongs: Don't leave home without them.

Cricketeers don't get out much? Warm country, outdoors, animals should not be a surprise ... Of course he could've called on St. Patrick, if there wuzn't that whole "English disdain fer all things Irish" dealie ...

My aunt had an in-ground pool just south of Jacksonville in a then rural area. She said every day was an adventure, seeing what had decided to go swimming and figuring how to get it out.
The only animal she did not get along with? Armadillos.

I can think of worst things to find floating in your swimming pool.

Dave, have you been giving snake removal lessons?

One of my favorite stories by Dave is about the BBQ Tongs.

Because I have already eaten 2 flies this summer and eating a third will tip me over the edge...

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