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January 18, 2013


Two students at Exeter University in England were caught on camera having intercourse during the school's annual Safer Sex Ball.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Striking another blow for liberty?

Sorta like handing out Halloween candy and not expecting kids to dig in on the way home. What'd they expect?

If that story, especially the police comments, was not written by Terry Jones or Eric Idle, then my entire doctoral dissertation, Style and Humoristic Nuances in the Underlying Narrative of the Risible British Television Programme of the Latter Quarter of the Twentieth Century, with a Commentary on the Verbal Iconography of Elderly Retired Army Officers Writing to the Times was a complete waste of time.


"Blozzer"? Is that anything like a boffin?

so many jokes. so little time.

Key quote in the Blomeo and Juliet link from the article "The Guild needlessly spunked their cash on letters from lawyers". Brilliant!

Where can we get a copy of your disertation Omni ?

But we would have to see the footage in question to officially comment on the incident itself.

Several times. At my place. With the guys over. Bring your own beer.

Funny thing about that. As I was in the middle of defending the dissertation, this tall guy wearing a uniform and a mustache stood up at the back of the room and said "Too silly! too silly!"

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