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January 14, 2013


When deputies found Thomas McFadden on Thursday, he was hiding in a closet with a Tiffany-style lamp shade over his head as a disguise...

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sounds like something that would of happened on the old "I Love Lucy Show"

Actually this gambit is, uh, old hat...

In the 3 stooges short Dopey Dicks, which cannot be mentioned according to the blog's strict policy, Larry disguises himself by putting a lamp shade over his head and holds a light bulb that lights up when someone pulls his tie.

Also: Key facts from our hero's lamp shade-related adventure:

"Minutes earlier, he had fallen through ceiling tiles at the South Lakeland Outback Steakhouse and into a liquor closet...His landing broke several bottles... caused damage to the restaurant's duct work, wiring, ceiling and several light fixtures."

Did he look anything like this?

Maybe it's time to start thinking about some rehab.

One man entertainment center. Flying on a meth bender, I bet he was acting a little like a squirrel on crack, as well.

Post-arrest reports indicated he was feeling somewhat lightheaded.

Was he aware of his circumstances, or was he a dim bulb who didn't know watt the police were looking for? The police must have pretty bright to catch this illuminated felon. After all, they saw the light.

Some say he was the life of the party with that lamp shade on his head.

Could it possibly be Florida?

So who gets to play Thomas McFadden in the upcoming made-for-TV movie? I call dibs on being one of the restaurant employees.

Thomas the Tanked.

I think it would have been loads of fun for the police who discovered him to stand and watch. Just to see how long he could hold still.

Reminds me of the COPS episode where two people tried to hide under a flipped-over kiddy pool. You could see all four feet sticking out. The cops had to wait until they could stop laughing to arrest them.

And as anyone who watches Antiques Roadshow would know, only a REAL Tiffany's lampshade would have hidden him in the closet.

I think the cops should have plugged him in to see if he was burned out.

Can't understand how he was discovered. This should have been an airtight disguise ...

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