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January 02, 2013


When the homeowner tried pulling the naked man off the dog, the culprit quickly turned around and began biting the homeowner.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Arrested twice but never convicted? Hopefully they'll have enough teeth in this warrant to send him somewhere for a while so he can chew on the concept of mending his ways.

Also, I've heard of choking the chicken. Is "choking the dog" another euphemism?

Key Phrase: "The person was naked, on the front porch choking his dog..."

The first euphemism of 2013!

Miami. Why are you so weird?

Choking the rottweiler? We had a lot of names for it in my day, but I don't remember that one.

Barking mad, 'e was!

“The person was naked, on the front porch choking his dog,” said police spokeswoman Napier Velazquez. “That’s when the resident shot him in the foot.”

Yup. that'll do it.

First it was the Thin Mints Melee...

Swiped headline:
"...Or, as it's known in Miami, Wednesday..."

Is the "sunning himself" also a euphemism?

Hmmm. If I decided to attack a Rottweiler, I believe I'd protect the family jewels just a little better.
Quick, you have to choose your own cellmate. Which will it be: Charles Manson, this guy, or a politician fallen on hard times?

I would have shot him someplace else. And, believe me, he would have stopped resisting.

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