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January 11, 2013


Animal control officer busted for swiping Chihuahua from elderly nun

Chihuahua Name: Mojo.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Between the Mojo, bad karma and dissing a nun -- we'd better get the animal control officer her own handbasket.

Somebody is on the fast track to Hades.

Yet another Florida story.
My favorite podcast is the Adam Carolla show. They frequently do a segment featuring bizaree stories and the contestants have to guess: "Florida or Germany?"
Funny stuff

Going to hell for shure!!!!

I know some nuns and this woman is lucky this one didn't send her to Hell right away. If the word Hell is capitalized it's not a dirty word, right?

"Hell", yes!

Shoot six Hail Marys and a Tim Tebo … no, wait, that's say the Hail Marys and fire Tim Tebo ...

Probably just as well one of these fine ladies wasn't the victim.

The nuns who taught me in school would have smacked him with a ruler.

The UK's ministry of Spelling has just informed me that it's "w after bo, except if it's Bozo."

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