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January 16, 2013


Unfortunately our strict poicy prohibits us from presenting the Grammar School of the Week.

(Thanks to Peter [Yes!] Metrinko, who cites this sentence: "The school has undergone many expansions, requiring the erection of several buildings...")


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In 1892 the school withdrew

That was the preferred method back then.

This makes it sound like the school is really up and coming.

Did they invent the dangling participle?

Notable alumni we are not making fun of:

Beevers & Hyde

I'm sure none of the students have EVER made fun of the name. *snort*

I like "Disce Aut Discede".

Reminds me of a variation of a quote (I think!) from _Fast Times at Ridgemont High_ (One of the most epic films of all time):

Learn it, love it, leave it.

Aloha, Mr. Hand!

Goodbye, Portnoy.

At least it toned.


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