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January 12, 2013


After a decade of legal battles, a ski resort in Northern Arizona recently became the first in the world to make artificial snow totally out of sewage effluent. On Dec. 24, Arizona Snowbowl fired up its snow guns for the first time, and to everyone’s surprise, the snow that blasted onto the mountain was yellow.

(Thanks to Eric Hubbard)


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An overly optomistic sound of mind challenged study group was involved. Biden was involved.

Watch out where the huskies go...

Also, before anyone else gets there.

do NOT eat the yellow snow

Yes, what Jeff said, My granny always told me that.

Treated sewage effluent shouldn't be yellow. In fact, it's usually cleaner than the receiving stream.

Key quote:

"No one here cares except those that oppose us."

Nice picture of a piste. What you don't see is that behind the photographer's back are a pair of signs. One shows an arrow pointing to the left, reading "Piste on." The other, pointing off to the right where there are rocks and a cliff, says ...

And for an even more Pythonesque take, the phrase,“ I question whether that explanation is based on tests of the water or conjecture," should be replaced with, "Explain, pray, the logic underlying that conclusion."

All that time and effort just pi$$ed away.
And I would never ski in this place.
As my cousin from Hawaii said when he first played in snow, "That stuff's cold!"

It's the yellow caution snow.

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