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January 10, 2013


A TERRIFIED postie is ambushed on his round — by a vicious PHEASANT.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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I thought the postie was from the Washington Post. The story became less thrilling when it turned out to be a civil servant/uncivil bird problem.

Just another revolting pheasant.

I thought the same thing NMUA. For a minute there I thought Gene Weingarten was being attacked by a viscious peasant.

“Barry needs to show who’s boss,”

Cage match or under glass?

Sire, the pheasants are revolting.

They sure are.

Get Mitt Romney to fire the bird.

pheasant gone postal

The pheasant probably had a grouse.

That bird doesn't like the last bill he got.

So the postie got goosed?

He's just impatient to get his copy of the 2013 "guinea hens gone wild" calendar.

Just another Pheasant Valley Sunday.

Snorkoal burnin' everywhere ...

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