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January 24, 2013


German soldiers are growing breasts

(Thanks to Bill Moore and Peter Metrinko)


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They just HAD to one-up us over that whole women-in-combat thing, didn't they.

This is really bad for unit cohesion.

sherly Professor Krapohl will get to the bottom of this

That's nothing. I knew a drill sergeant who tore six new a**holes every morning, before breakfast.

My company cyber nanny blocked this one, but let the testicle story through?

There's not enough detail in the picture to let me identify what kind of obsolete rifles these Junge zeremonielle Soldaten are carrying, but they're definitely a few revisions back. If they were slamming modern NATO equipment around like that, I would expect it to break, not them.

It looks like they're working on their "pouty faces" to go along with their new equipment.

Bill Moore actually had nothing to do with the German soldiers growing breasts. We just wanted to clarify that.


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