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January 16, 2013


Local news site WPBF.com reported that a group of Satanists plans to hold a rally outside Scott's office on Jan. 25 to support the governor’s signing of a bill that allows students to pray at school events.

(Thanks to jon harris)

Further Evidence: Deputies Search For Grizzly Bear Cub In GG Estates

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Can't some people just get by with a kitten?

I want to hear The Lord Satan's Prayer. Gotta be rich.

so these are related how?

- the right to prayer? the right to bears? the right to bear arms? the right to prayer harms? the right to bear prayer? the right to pray bare? the right to prayer bears?....



got it.

"We're hoping it will reduce the stigmatism."

The old Evil Eye?

I couldn't decide if this was a joke or for real.
If real, I predict a lot of Floridians are going to take a second look at their good friends, the Muslims.
The real trick in looking good is deciding who to stand next to.

First comment over there nailed it...

"Well I guess the good news would be that if Satan has chosen Florida, he must be about ready to retire."

Meanie, that was my favorite line when I sent it as well.

This fool actually has a grizzly cub as a pet?

Alert the Darwin Awards people.

I can't wait until that guy's bear grows up, as Grizzlys can reach 700 pounds, swim, climb trees and run 35 mph.

Oh Lord we beseech thee, transport us thy faithful servants, school building and all, to some other state. We ask this in Satan's name, amen.

Great, Scott! <- Back to the Future

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