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January 08, 2013


With the A-Tube installed, whenever you eat a meal where you think you've overindulged, you can simply attach a small, portable device called an AspireAssist to the Skin-Port, and pump away! Food and drink are sucked out of your stomach, just like a garden hose, albeit a garden hose full of a half-digested slurry of organic matter.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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This is going to change bathroom design.

My mind has been boggled for the day.

i'll stay fat, thanks.

That idea sucks.

I've always wondered what happened to all those old Salem Sump Pumps we used in the hospital years ago. btw, for anyone thinking abut this, to get the tube into your stomach, it usually goes through your nose and then down into the stomach. It's not really attractive.

Well it's easily as practical an idea as the segway, I'll say that for it.

The $99 "smart fork" on display at CES sounds like a less disgusting solution. (Trains one to eat slower and supposedly less.)

I can see this becoming all the rage with hollywood types, models, etc. Soon there will be designer editions with bedazzled pump ports, Coach bags to collect (when you are on the go), and then ports at the ends of the buffet tables.

Table for one, forever, please.

So the Roman purgatorium makes a high tech come back.

Well, it's electronic, and it's for consumers, so I guess CES is the proper place for a demo...

Does this mean I can go back to the buffet as many times as I want?

Watch for an avid eco-preneur to come up with a way to 'repurpose' the output.

(Personally, I'm going to go rinse my brain in Lysol)

So the inventor of the Segway goes 0 for 2 on his "world changing" inventions.

I think I'll short-sell any stock I can find for this new company, as it is going 'down the tubes', literally.

Bulimia without the bad breath.

So, what you eat comes out through your "A-tube"?
That's just semantics.

Steve, I think you and I are thinking of the same "A" word. Possibly not for the same reasons, though.

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