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January 21, 2013


A bank in the small Texas town of Chappell Hill is inviting customers to bring in concealed handguns because it has been robbed five times, “all of them by Yankees.”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Well, I really don't want to, but I suppose that as a Yankee, it's my moral duty to go rob them. I'll keep y'all posted if there are any developments.

Is that where the team does Spring training ?

The only reason I can think of why any of our local Yankees would go to Texas to rob a bank is because the ones here are empty.

Here's my foolproof plan for robbing that bank:
1) Enter bank, go to exact middle of the floor.
2) Shoot gun in air and announce holdup.
3) Drop flat on the floor.
4) After all patrons and employees have been shot in crossfire, pick up money and exit.

Ah, the old "circular firing squad".
I thought that was generally limited to a certain political party.

How else is the Steinbrenner family going to meet the payroll?

Tea Baggers vs. Carpet Baggers.

Steve? It is.

Damn Yankees. You really want to rob a bank where range time is a legitimate Friday night date? Lots easier pickin's in NY or Chicago.

How can you tell a Yankee bank robber? No grammatical errors in the note? Not wearing spurs?

People in Texas call anyone who was not born in Texas a Yankee. I was born in Alabama, and they called me a Yankee.

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