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January 01, 2013


Roseville Police are trying to find out who is stealing plumbing fixtures from toilets in public restrooms.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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The police have nothing to go on.

The investigation is stalled.

The commissioner is trying to paper over the problems.

I thought the comment from "Steve Austin" was interesting. It's all Obama's fault.
(In a sing-song voice) Somebody is OB-ssess-ing.

No fair! markhh stole my comments.

They'll need a tip from a stool pigeon to solve this one.

Their pipe dreams could sink the investigation...

I hear they are flush with suspects.

If they were smart they'd set a P-trap.

Book him Drano.

I'd make a big stink if... actually, I have made a big stink. Help me.

HAMS, I guess urine trouble then.

Good thing this didn't happen on Uranus!

No justice, no pees!

Every one of you should be ashamed. I'm still laughing.

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