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January 23, 2013


Police say a man hollered "woo-hoo" as he ran out of a Bismarck deli with a woman's wallet.

(Thanks to Fred Hudson, who says, "I think he was just glad the temperature had reached over 0 degrees.")


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Better than yelling "yuck" at her driver license photo.

I noticed this "news" item during my early-morning perusal of the Trib ... it surprised me a bit ... despite living near our State Capital (city) AND our State Capitol (building) all these years, I wuz blissfully unaware that Bismarck has a Deli.
Learn sumthin' on the 'net EVERY day!

I thought they sank Bismarck in 1941?

There is a pumpernickel joke in here somewhere.

The theif was deli-ted. Get it???????

Y'all can pumperferanickel? Where?

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