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January 14, 2013


Sydney man finds bullet holes in toilet


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Kinda sounds like bars in the Nodak Oil Patch ... merely sayin' ...

Low flow?

Someone was shooting craps.

Naw. Someone is in dire need of stool softeners.

Why is this news? Happens around here all the time.

*snork* @ Tim

he found a bullet hole in his toilet window

...butt wouldn't a 'toilet window' always have streaky glass?

Why would a toilet have a window?

right, markhh - cleaning it would be pane in the @ss

That's what happens when you take a really long time, sometimes.

Bullet holes or taco night?

This story CAN'T be true. Australia banned all privately owned firearms. Confiscated them. The holes must have been made by something else. Perhaps an aggressive woodpecker?

Nothing astonishing about this. That's where I keep my spare bullet holes, too.

I'm from Sydney, and I regret to inform you that what is known as a bathroom or washroom in the USA is called a toilet in Australia. It refers to the whole room, not just the ceramic-ware.
There is also a bit of gang (drugs/motorcycle) type action happening here in certain areas with (gasp) Illegal weaponry.

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