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January 21, 2013


Getaway donkey ruins robbery

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I believe Getaway Donkey opened for Crazy Elephant.

That headline can't be improved upon, but I eagerly anticipate the improving upon that will be submitted by the commentariat here.

Well, if one will use a donkey as one's getaway vehicle, what does one expect? P.S. I ADORE donkeys. Just sayin'.

"I TOLD you that we should steal a CAR for our getaway transportation but no, you said the car would attract too much attention that late at night, well, your idea sure fixed THAT..."

it is rumored the police are investigating the whereabouts of the local Google Earth car drivers.

Such an ass.

Burro's Bellows Blow Burglary, Brings Badges.

What could be more fun than a game of Ditch the Donkey ?

In a strange turn of events, the donkey pinned the tail on them.

Rather loud guffa at Loud!

good donkey -

a nice ass of peace

In this country, the donkeys--and elephants--rob us.

I misread that as "Gateway Donkey," and I was wondering what that is. I still am.

If that donkey won't do, they'll just have to burro another.

A Gateway Donkey has black and white packaging, like a Holstein cow, and its founder is now governor of Michigan, where he's known as the Gateway ...

Getaway, my ass.

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