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January 03, 2013


Ask the Cougar

(Thanks to Bob Beavan)


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Yow. It's changed since I was in college. Old Experienced Loveline.

Sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs.

"Will you yell? Will you swell? Are you grateful as hell?"

The cougar has no sense of humor! "Does this outfit make me look fat?" had no response, which is, of course, wrong.

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Why should I work for the College of Charleston?
Posted on May 30, 2012
Great Reasons to Work at The College of Charleston! DISCOUNTS Many hotels, software companies, phone companies and others offer educational or state employee discounts. Make it a habit to ask if there are any educational or state employee discounts available! See the Special Discount page under Benefits or in Quick Links. EVENTS Almost every day and evening [...]"

Thought a genuine cougar would have had an answer for that one.

The Cougar did offer advice about "incoming packages", IYKWIM...:

"Once...your package has been delivered, there will be a 3 hour lag period for processing in our... Your package will not be available for pickup until Mail Services sends you a notification via email."

That seems like a long time to have your "package" held...

That was certainly misleading.
And I like cougars because I like younger women.

"Do you come here often?" got no response, as usual.

No response to "When will you stop competing with your daughter?" Must've hit a nerve.

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