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January 10, 2013


UK resort marketer First Choice is on the hunt for a skilled waterslide tester

(Thanks to jon harris)


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i don't think i'd wanna give it a dry run

Sure it sounds like a glamorous job with great pay, but wait until you test the first defective water-slide.

Note to perspective applicants: be sure not to wear synthetic fibers when testing slides, sometimes they melt from friction. I refuse to elaborate on the how I learned that, but it was very painful to remove.

Finally some hope for liberal arts majors.

*Snork* at Layzeeboy.

Pondering how one becomes a skilled waterslide tester. And how one explains that choice to one's parents while living in their basement.

God only knows, God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable to the mortal man
We’re working our jobs, collect our pay
Believe we’re gliding down the highway
When in fact we’re slip slidin’ away

Slip slidin’ away, slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

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