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January 11, 2013


Social Security Administration takes back reprimand of flatulent worker

(Thanks to Mr. Tom Shroder)


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It is a good thing to raise a stink when there is an injustice.

Thank God, I can go back on that sauerkraut and beans diet now.


you got to fight * * for your right * * to be faaaaaaaar-ty!!!

I'll bet the smart fella felt smart.

Now playing: Classical Gas.

This smells of bureaucracy.

What government employee got paid to sit there and count them? And keep a log?

thats yer tax dollars at werk right there.

Did the rescending letter mention trying a cotton ball saturated with oil of peppermint between his cheeks?

Has anything come of his efforts to be moved from his cubicle in the bullpen to his own office with a door?

or rescinding letter, iether one?

He now has a corner office with a view.

The rest of the staff is just fuming about this.

Matt Damon is making the movie and it won't make anything either.

"...as much as nine times in one day,"
Pft (so to speak). Amateur.

9x in one day? That's just a morning session for me.

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