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January 03, 2013


Angry Cowboys Fan Fills Washing Machine With Explosives, Fires Rifle At It Just To Blow Up Tony Romo Jersey

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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New TV show: When Good Ol' Boys Ain't Happy. Subtitle: Hold Ma Beer.

I think DHS should probably be afraid to go down to Texas.

*snork* at Dave's header

Of course, had it been Mark Sanchez it'd have fumbled.

I just blogged my New Years Resolutions, one of which involves saying the Serenity Prayer in 2013 when thinking of my fallen Dallas Cowboys, so I cannot in good conscience comment at all on this magnificent post.

Romo's an old cheesehead (Burlington, WI) so he's morally obligated to keep the Cowpokers out of the Super Bowl. Doin' great so far. If he keeps this up the Beefboffers'll cut him and he can be A-Rodgers' backup.

Oh, I'm sorry, this ISN'T the ESPN blog?

At the range where I spent a lot of my misspent youth, it was pretty normal to see a variety of alternative targets.

I don't remember seeing any washing machines, but then again half the bridge rotted out so folks would have to haul it a long distance from their truck.

Excellent premise for a new reality show.

Jersey War

Well, (hic!) it ain't much of a reason to blow sumptin' up.
But it's the only one we got.

Oh, I'm sorry, this ISN'T the ESPN blog?

I'm quite certain that, at the ESPN blog, you are required to misspell every third word and never use complete sentences.

Did the guy miss on the first two shots?

Larry, did you ever stop to think that his wife probably had to tell him what the washer looked like?

Thank God this guy isn't a Chicago Bears fan with their track record on quarterbacks.

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