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January 18, 2013


George Clooney May Have Had Plastic Surgery On His Testicles

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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"Ball Ironing"? Surely one of the world's most dangerous procedures.

It takes real sac to admitt you fixed your sac.

So now the linoleum matches the walls?

Sound off like you had a surgically-enhanced pair!

who gets to check?

The gentleman is a known joker.
I've never been that concerned about my privates because we don't see each other eye-to-eye.

Now Clooney can correctly be referred to as a nut job.

They did the surgery on the wrong end of this idiot.

I'll keep my wrinkles, thank you very much.


Re: Ball Ironing
Do not attempt this procedure at home, particularly if the steam setting is ON.

" May "...? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until the Oprah interview to find out.

Just when I thought I couldn't be any less attracted to this moron.

We can only assume that Lance Armstrong needed twice as much work.


I dont' see what women find attractive about this goon. He looks like a bad hair day to me.

He is also about as bright as a 4 watt bulb.


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